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Johnny's Entertainment Items for SALE

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Currently Selling:
all prices in AUD unless otherwise stated
all prices do not include postage.

Click here to convert to your currency
I will not quote any price in USD as its value is unstable

All items located in Australia, Vic unless otherwise stated.

click on image to see even bigger
all prices in AUD unless otherwise stated

  1. T&T Debut con 2002( Yamapi ) -- $38

  2. KAT-TUN 2005 Looking Con( Jin ) -- $28
  3. (SOLD)
  4. Johnny's Countdown 2006 - 2007( Koyama ) -- $34

  5. Johnny's Countdown 2006 - 2007( Shige ) -- $34

  6. NewS Spring Con 2007( Koyama ) -- $28
  7. (SOLD)

  8. NewS Spring Con 2006( Shige ) -- $28
  9. (SOLD)
  10. Arashi ONE Summer Con( Nino ) -- $28
  11. (SOLD)
  12. Arashi Iza Now Con( Nino ) -- $28
  13. (SOLD)

  14. NewS NewSnow con 2005( Ryo ) -- $28
  15. (SOLD)
  16. Kanjani8 Kanshani8 in Tokyo Xmas Party 2005( Ryo ) -- $34
  17. (SOLD)

after packing 1 uchiwa approx weight is 300g

click for even bigger image

3.60AUD each
Shipping : $2.50 every 8 pics
shipping pics with uchiwa is free
buy all 28 spr 07 live for $90AUD (with shipping)
buy all 28 pics with uchiwa for $82AUD
postage within AU for shop pics is FREE

I accept
  • Concealled Cash at buyer's own risk (registered mail is advised)

  • Paypal(in AUD)

  • Bank Deposit(Singapore and Australia ONLY)

  • International Bank Deposit, all bank charges to be paid by buyer
  • , PAY IN AUD only.
  • Meet Up in Australia - Victoria state, Melbourne City or Caulfield Station ONLY

follow the format below and I will contact you ASAP.

email me at for enquiries

If you are from EBAY & do not want to deal outside of EBAY let me know and when you are 100% confirmed that you would like the item I will list it and provide the link to you.
combined shipping is available
discounts given when large amount is bought and the type of item bought.

all colours may not be as they seem due to difference in screen resolution and brightness.
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