March 25th, 2008


Selling OOP J.E. items + OOP ZARD 25th Single 1998

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Currently Selling:
all prices in AUD unless otherwise stated
all prices do not include postage.

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I will not quote any price in USD as its value is unstable

All DVD/Singles/Photobooks are Original Japanese Editions
All items located in Australia, Vic unless otherwise stated.
*OOP = Out of Print

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  1. ArashiGoto - 5th Anniversary PhotoBook(100% Brand New) - 50AUD (500g)

  2. Johnny's Fan Kanshani RE (Jsports 2003)[100% Brand New OOP] - 70AUD

  3. GYM - Fever to Future LE [100% Brand New OOP] - 50AUD
  4. SOLD
  5. NewS - Hoshi wo Mezashite LE [99.99% New OOP](still has plastic, opened once, never played) - 45AUD SOLD
    NewS - Hoshi wo Mezashite LE [100% Brand New OOP](Never Opened) - 50AUD
  6. SOLD
  7. Arashi - Pikanchi Double LE DVD [90% Brand New OOP] - 50AUD

  8. Arashi - Typhoon Generation [85% Brand New OOP](no Obi) - 30AUD
    Arashi - Typhoon Generation [85% Brand New OOP](with Obi) - 40AUD

  9. Arashi - Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi [90% Brand New OOP] - 50AUD

  10. Arashi - Jidai [90% Brand New OOP] - 50AUD
    (CD BOX has embossed CD title & member names, I couldnt capture on camera)

  11. Arashi - Pikanchi Double single [85% Brand New OOP] - 50AUD
  12. SOLD
  13. Domoto Koichi - Mirror Album LE (comes with photobook)[100% Brand New OOP] - 70AUD

  14. (the late)ZARD - Unmei no Roulette Mawashite(1998) [100% Brand NEW] - 40AUD

    Kanfu Fighting LE - $25AUD each / $145AUD for all 7 (I am able to get all 7 even if I have listed some vers. as sold)
    Buy all 7 for Free express shipping
  1. Red (Subaru)

  2. Purple (Shingo)

  3. Black (Yoko)

  4. Yellow (Ryo)
  5. SOLD
  6. Green (Tacchon)

  7. Orange (Maru)

  8. Blue (Yassu)


All Poker Cards SOLD
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  • KAT-TUN Group Poker Cards Set - 15AUD
  • SOLD
  • Kame Poker Cards Set - 15AUD
  • SOLD
  • Jin Poket Cards Set - 15AUD
  • SOLD
*all sets have 54 cards + Case
buy all for 40AUD
click to see close up
Laminated Wallet Cards
Approx 2.5in by 3.5in
selling each for $1AUD, Local Mail :$1AUD | AirMail: $2AUD
Buy 3 or more to get free Local post
Buy 5 or more to get free Regular Air Mail

FREE SHIPPING for your approx exchange rate

I accept

  • Concealled Cash at buyer's own risk (registered mail is advised)

  • Paypal(in USD/AUD)

  • Bank Deposit(Australia ONLY)

  • International Bank Deposit, all bank charges to be paid by buyer, PAY IN AUD ONLY.

  • Meet Up in Australia - Victoria state, Melbourne City or Caulfield Station ONLY

  • some prices are negotiable,please bargain within reasonable range
    Buyers within AU will have discount depending on the weight of their order</i>
    follow the format below and I will contact you ASAP.

    email me at for other enquiries</b>
    *ALL comments are screened
    *All buyers are advised to use Registered Mail for deliveries as I am not responsible for lost/damaged mail,
    I send it as described and hope that you will receive it in the same condition.

    Customised Laminated Wallet Cards
    Previous J.E. sale (Live Shop Pics + Uchiwas)

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